Comprehensive Four Wheel Alignment Services in White Center

Tire close-up before four wheel alignment in Seattle, WA

Using our state-of-the-art John Bean alignment rack, our talented automotive technicians can dial in your vehicle’s correct wheel alignment and suspension geometry. Depending on the exact specifications of your car, truck, van or SUV, we expertly set the toe, camber and caster with a four wheel alignment in Seattle, WA.

Although our mechanics perform 4 wheel alignments most often, we can correct the angle of your front tires alone to correct misalignments caused by excessive wear or damage to your suspension components. If you are in need of a four wheel alignment, skip asking yourself, “Where can I find auto repair near me,” and simply contact Greg at Masters to schedule your appointment.

Our Professional Four Wheel Alignment Services

After having repairs performed or simply buying new tires, you can acquire a four wheel alignment in Seattle WA to restore the correct positioning of your wheels and suspension geometry. Dialing in toe and camber sets the wheel position to an optimal point in relation to your vehicle and the road surface. Changing the caster, on the other hand, realigns your suspension components.

Reasons to Come Visit Us Today for a 4 Wheel Alignment

When your four wheel alignment ends up out of spec, your vehicle will let you know in no uncertain terms. At first, you might notice that your steering wheel looks a bit crooked when your wheels are facing straight ahead. Without figuring out where to find auto repair near me, you might notice your vehicle pulling to either side as you firmly hold your wheel. Vibrations may also come through the steering wheel, making it feel like your suspension is falling apart. As all this occurs, your tires will take the brunt of the damage, reducing their expected service interval or resulting in sudden blowouts.

Importance of Maintaining Proper Wheel Alignment

Vehicle with excellent four wheel alignment in Seattle, WA

With your vehicle alignment set correctly, you can enjoy optimized handling and eliminate excessive wear of your tires and suspension components. With misaligned wheels and suspension geometry, your need for parts replacement and other automotive repairs markedly increases. Your tires will wear quickly and unevenly despite acquiring tire rotation and balancing services. Strange vibrations and pulling forces in either direction can also impede your ability to drive safely and securely on the highway or just around town.

Give Us a Call to Schedule Your Wheel Alignment in Seattle WA

If you feel like your vehicle might be in need of a four wheel alignment in Seattle, WA, give Greg at Masters a call at (206) 243-8487 to discuss your auto repair needs. We will help you restore the function of your vehicle by performing timely wheel alignments and other necessary maintenance and repair services.