Engine and Transmission Repair and Replacement Services in White Center, WA

Tech performing engine and transmission repair services

Your engine utilizes air and fuel to create power that is then transferred to the wheels through your transmission. These two components work together to provide power on demand to the wheels, so you can continue on your travels without delay. You must keep these systems in great condition with routine maintenance and repair services to prevent excessive wear and damage to vital components.

Without properly working components, these systems could fail to operate as expected, leaving you and your vehicle stranded on the side of the road. You can find your preferred auto shop near me and partner with your experienced technician to keep your engine and transmission in optimal condition at all times. Allow our team at Masters to perform all your preventative maintenance and auto repairs throughout the life of your vehicle.

Signs of Engine and Transmission Problems

Anything outside the realm of normal in terms of sights, sounds and performance may indicate a problem with your engine or transmission. Use your eyes, ears and nose to spot engine and transmission faults as they develop.

Common signs of engine and transmission problems include:

  • Presence of smoke or steam
  • Engine knock
  • Squealing or grinding noises from engine bay
  • Unusual smells
  • Illuminated check engine light or transmission warning light
  • Power losses
  • Excessively high or low idle
  • Surging and stalling
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Fluid leaks
  • Slipping clutchplates or delayed engagement
  • Clunking and whining noises from under the car

If you notice any of these warning signs, or simply note a change in the way your vehicle runs and drives, schedule an appointment to talk with your White Center auto mechanic about the possible need for repairs.

When to Come in for Transmission Service and Other Maintenance Tasks

Coming into your West Seattle auto repair shop for preventative maintenance services is the absolute best way to prevent catastrophic engine and transmission damage. Your technician can create a personalized maintenance plan using the suggested service intervals from your vehicle manufacturer.

You can have your vehicle inspected to determine which parts are in immediate or future need of replacement to keep your engine and transmission operating properly. You can always schedule a visit to discuss abrupt changes to the performance of your engine and transmission upon noticing a problem possibly developing.

Role of Auto Diagnostics in Engine and Transmission Repair Services

Modern vehicles utilize onboard computers and sensors to monitor the overall health of the engine and transmission. Your skilled technician will always utilize high-tech tools to perform all auto diagnostics to identify the cause of your engine and transmission troubles.

In addition, talented technicians rely on their wealth of knowledge and industry training to spot developing problems and create a comprehensive repair plan. You will have an opportunity to review the recommended tasks and authorize engine or transmission service that will help restore the function and utility of your vehicle.

Call to Schedule an Appointment for Auto Repairs in Seattle WA

If you are in need of help from an auto shop near me, give your team at Masters a call at (206) 243-8487 to speak to Greg and schedule an appointment. When you come in for repairs, we will always utilize high-tech auto diagnostic tools and techniques to find the cause of your vehicle’s ability to run and drive as expected. You can also acquire our preventative maintenance services to reduce your need for engine and transmission replacement services.