West Seattle Brake Service and Suspension Repairs

Your ability to safely drive your vehicle on all road surfaces, and make quick stops as required, depends on the overall condition of your suspension and brake components. When these systems fall into a state of disrepair, you will likely notice a marked decrease in the overall handling and stopping performance of your vehicle.

You can rely on our skilled automotive technicians at Masters to restore the function of these systems using thorough diagnostic and repair services. Your technicians will utilize their industry training and knowledge to identify the cause of your vehicle’s poor performance characteristics. Upon making an accurate diagnosis, your tech will provide you with maintenance and repair recommendations for your consideration.

Common Brake and Suspension Issues

Normal driving habits continually put stress on the components in your brake and suspension systems. Over time, this constant level of stress causes the moving parts to wear out or suffer damage. Regular inspections and maintenance or repairs can mitigate the stresses and keep your components from suffering premature wear or outright failure.

Signs of Excessive Wear or Damage

Since so much rests upon your brake and suspension systems, your vehicle will often exhibit signs of excessive wear or damage as a problem develops.

Common signs of brake and suspension damage include:

  • Brake warning light
  • ABS light
  • Traction control light
  • Vibrations while braking
  • Excess brake pedal travel
  • Pulling to one side
  • Bouncing or jolting during emergency stops
  • Poor stopping power
  • Difficulty steering
  • Abnormal ride height at a single corner
  • Pronounced body roll
  • Loud noises while going over bumps

Ignoring the warning signs can result in severe damage to these systems and impede your ability to drive safely at even low speeds. If you notice any changes to the way your vehicle stops or handles, be sure to contact your Seattle WA brake repair and suspension service experts right away.

Importance of Timely Brake Services and Suspension Repairs

If you commit to a timely brake service and suspension maintenance schedule, you can prevent the most common issues from developing or rectify the situation before total part failure occurs. Your talented suspension and auto brakes repair expert will utilize the vehicle manufacturer’s suggested service intervals to identify an optimal service schedule for your car, truck, van or SUV. You can have West Seattle brake service and suspension repairs performed at your convenience to continue on your drives without worry about parts unexpectedly failing while on the road.

Schedule Your Seattle WA Brake Repair and Suspension Services Today

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